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Hello everyone! I'm (not) known online mostly as Tadei but you can probably find me somewhere as Ted/Tad/Tadeios/Szubiduba. In my natural habitat people and bots refer to me as Tadeusz Szuba. Quite odd name isn't it? Don't bother trying to pronounce it by your filthy lexicon! It's polish you dingo! But if you happen to be a persevere person I'll give you a hint. "Sz" is read similarly to english "sh" and the vowls don't have sneaky articulation! So "a" is read as "aa" and "e" sounds more like "a". 


So am I teaching polish ? Wrong! I'm here to talk about hobbies. I happen to be fascineted by a lot of stuff. Since I was little I watched pokémon anime and collected cards, than soon after primary school started I got a birthday Game Boy Advance Special with Pokémon Emerald. It was a blast playing the game. When the 5th gen approached Europe I found out about competetive aspects. It didn't took long for me to discover VGC. I got into it hard. Spend countless hours on RNG abuse and battling. I made my real-life debout as a last-year senior in 2014  in Milan. I got bodied real hard. It wasn't enough to stop me from making a return to Italy in 15 as a master. Still bodied. Achievements out of 4 official events so far: almost top cutting in Arena Cup in Berlin (60ish player PC) and winning 1 PC in Berlin (15ish player). Well, could have been worst I suppose... But I still want to play and develop. 16 was a hard year for me. I gradueted from junior-high and changed enviroment completely. I moved from Warsaw to a small town at Baltic seaside called Władysławowo (don't even try to!). So I baisicly lost any scrap of PC base and had a bit of a struggle adopting to new surroundings. My 17 most efficent PC base is probably Stockholm... it's a start. New continental tournament sounds appealing to a carless poorman. Since 14 looks like I might have a shot at Worlds. I probably need paid trip variant but still! My life would be easier with any form of support from official organisers but Poland doesn't get the privilege.


What will be posted here? Not much probably. You may find a team report if I do something neat. I may adress some community isseue. As I mentioned I'm courious person, interested in Biology (mostly in birds and recently mycology). So something of this nature may pop-up. 


There are people who you should check before me: Szymoninho;