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Each day we're getting closer and closer to the biggest tournament in Europe. The idea is there but the execution is already looking iffy. 


Let's start with the date. 9-11 Dec is an awful date for many reasons. It's just two weeks after the realease of SuMo in Europe (just so you know, we get it week after the rest of the world). Good luck with making a proper team in brand new format without major support from friends. I'm possitive there won't be in-game ladder in time for practise. They could have easily waited a week or even a month with the whole thing. 


The place. London is quite convinient for most. The flights are cheap and hostels even cheaper. Public transport is awesome and there's plenty food options. We still don't have the exact event location but not much could be fucked up on this front. They may still find a way to do so though. 


The prize pool is a joke. It's ridiculuse what they're doing. Entry fee of 35€ for regs. Will it be 50€ or more for inters? Looks like they won't be putting much from their pockets. For such high fee the prizes should be much more noticible. As of right now it's a joke. Let's not forget about TCG packs, that's the shit.


Bfl of 4. Needless to say it brings pay to win. But for poor folks such as me it's not that bad. If I get stomped in London I can stop playing without any regrets. 


If you win the tourney you get day1 invite. WTF? Day 1? That's CP structure in a nutshell. It's so wrong just from looking at this. I hope the bar gets lowered to 400 in Europe.


How to get day 2 without PCs? To be honest it doesn't look possible. I need at least top 8 in London and real strong regs finishes. Great.