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The Decay of Western VGC Scene

Not gonna lie, I'm in a quite shitty mood. Haven't slept in 2 days might have let my critisism reach  critical point a bit too quickly. However what has happened today needs a properly sharp response.


For those who don't know what the hell I'm yelling all about: today Markus "@13Yoshi37" Stadter announced Yoshi's Invitational - the most egoistic tournament that could have been thought of. Not only that, but it also came with a package of rewards crowdfounding. This is supposed to be 8 man tour with a potential 9th (if they recevie 1000$). How were the players chosen remains a mystery but from my knowledge it looks like a beatiful friends gathering. Most of the players are indeed very accomplished. Let's introduce them properly. Shall we?


Thomas Gravoille (@HaricotTV) - I recognize the guy. He's a french WC attendant. What more should be said... ahhhh yes he does do live streams and YT. What a coincidence? No way he's there only for PR purposes. He clearly must be one of 8 best players. Why else would he get an invite?


Alex Gomez (PokeAlex_) - the man has more than 4k followers and a YT channel. Well, I know he's quite good at VGC and even a sociopathic cynic I am, admires him a bit. Nonetheless he got pulled into a very shady business. Sucks for you man, but that's the price we pay for greed.


Joshua Lorcy (@lorcylovesyou) - the guy's fairly new to VGC scene. His accomplishments decisively don't make him a proper candidate for an invite to such a big show-off tournament. Still it makes me rather worried that organizers offered a spot for a naive fan favourite (I even like him and that means something). You'll get your fingers burnt for reaching for money so impudently, I'm afraid.


Aaron Zheng (@CybertronVGC) - another New Yorker. Undeniably a close friend of Joshua Lorcy. Let's not forget about his success on You Tube. A crowd idol with a fair amount of experience and trophies under his belt well deserving an invite. Personally I find him highly overrated but that's just my ego calling.


Wolfe Glick (@WolfeyGlick) - where my sincere sharpness begins. Current world champion, a man who needless to say should make the great 8. However his close relationship with Markus should be noted. He makes a fool of himself on You Tube and Twitter on regular basis. His YT channel promoted as VGC educational is a poorman's laugh. What he posts there has nothing to do with helping to develop proper players but rather to create community memes. His content is trashy in numerous ways (for his defence he's fairly unfamiliar with the art of video-making). He has an absolutly enormous ego, but not as big as the ones I'm going to introduce you to in just moment. To sum up he's a lovable idiot who lacks any sense of seriousness. Being a veteran he is should make him more professional but in his case it goes the other way around. He's truly special.


Alex Ogloza (@AlexOgloza) - a chegger. The biggest VGC related personality. An amouser, one of the most entertaining content creator I know ...and a chunk of a greedy bastard. If VGC scene was a teenager's face he would be one of those disgustingly large pimps appearing overnight and refusing to disappear even after a reasonable amount of spotlight. At one point it even seemed like complexion regained it's clear status. How sham it was! The dermatologists nightmare returned with a bang and one may see it as a nasty splash spreading more defects. It's nothing personal, I just find him very manipulative and nepotive. Here it is your 2014 USA national champion -  Alex the drunk.


Marku$ $tadter (@13Yoshi37) - the one and only. A great player for certes. An arogant who lacks self-control and is overloaded with self-esteem. He's the only one of the 8 I had the "privilege" of playing against and meeting. It happend twice to be exact. Once on a NB live (nothing to take seriously) and the other time at the Berlin Arena Cup in 2014. Lost twice, once due to some impressive RNG and the other time due to me being average. I'm convinced he's way better than me and I don't intend to take that away from him. But as a person he's a narcissus not worthy of my time. What makes me so judgmental? Well I know about his VGC activity since 2011. He always seemed to me like a great player in various ways. Since his YT career had started I gradually were losing respect to him. His latest moves made me dislike him truly. Twitch showed him a way to grab sheep's wool. He has severely burnt himself in the community. I wish not to see him commentating any official events ever again (and I place a bet he won't). What he did is beyond my understanding. Markus is an intelligent dude but perhaps his mind was overtaken with pride and greed when he came up with such stinky idea. He's the man responsible for destroying the house of cards that the western community build. You tried to place your cards too rapidly and made a inexcusable blow. You may think I'm prejudging him. Allow me tell you what he has really done. He divided the community in a ruthless fashion. There will be his loyalists, his homies and the naive rookies. There also will be his pokers, the memers. And there also shall be the middle ground because this is not Game of Thrones but a merely reality. The approach he took in order to give himself and his pack another shot at internationals is so childish. You've done goof in London, my dear friend. Deal with it! Don't try to make folks pay for your mistake. The way you do it is so immature that you'll be laughted off just like Ruben was. What you're doing in internet is just like throwhing shit around hotel room. Bringing your popular friends into this doesn't grand you immunity. It just makes them look bad next to a sinking fool. 


I wish pokemon was more of an esport. Those kind of people show why it can't be. I doubt with such common morality it'll ever have a shot at becoming one. One can dream but hundreds will. The whole event should be compared to Tarrantino's Hateful 8. Where a bunch of guys act like they are the good ones and the other half tells them what to do. It's just as messy as the movie. The proper soundtruck to it however shouldn't be the Morricone's but rather the Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water. 



I expect the tour to get cancelled immediately and a public community apology.  Don't try to cover it up with your intensions of popularsing competetive pokémon, there's money on the line. Stop acting like a spoiled kid playing video game. Start at least pretending like you're the man you're trying to be on the internet. Don't make Trainer Tower a bed rock of cancer. But this is just a illusory fool's wish, nothing more overall & after all...