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》What's this late night post? I just can't sleep again and feel a bit miserable so instead of swarming in my lonely bed I decided to write! Forgive me if the read doesn't bring any colors to your life. It's my diary after all, you pervert!


》How good was TCPI as of late? I would say pretty fucking no good. Polish language would allow me to describe it more in depht but gotta stick with the franca, man.


1-£) Let's sart with London IN. What a bloody mess it was. Haven't been there myself but my men were there and seen it all. I saw official (!!!) stream, YT & Twitter. Hold on cowboy! It was a truly wild ride. Eee-ha! (how the F do you spell this?)


2-€) European Regionals, how beautifully organized they were! How well distribiuted and announced across the entire Europe they were! How magnificent the entry fees were! What a delight it was to plan a trip to one of these! ... And on planning I had to end it, because I'm too poor to attend one even with $20 plane tickets. :) :D ;)


3-¥) This is yen, right? Japanese circuit is somehow still completely isolated from the rest of the world. Why is that? They have so much talented and passionate players, that it breaks my fragile heart. They want to play. Look at their grassrooters! They kick ass. Allow them to play with other kids, daddy please! 


4-A$) I had to improvise, ok? "Oceania" IN was a shitfest. No stream, a bunch of wallet shinobi & a woman (they exist o_0?!). Sorry land of cool endemits, you try, but it's just not enough. 


5-/♧♤♧) No coinage this time, folks. Instead we give you wood and land. We care about you greatly, my dear. Can't you see? I can't, you dingo! The VGC player limit is a laugh. Not even a sarcastic or evil laugh. Just an ordinary good ol' laugh. Cheers to all the fools flying there. Have a save travel & get yourself some tequila, you may need it more than O2. 


6-$) Freedom!!! That means only we can host WC. Be quiet Canada, we thought Vancouver was our city. Should've paid more attention in school I guess... California it is! We all dream about it so... Hey! Torture me! We deserve to have the most invites. It's our game, right? 《Mr. President, the japs made it...》Didn't we prove our superiority already? Let them scream! Make pokémon great again!




》This season is pure gold. Organisation-wise, communication-wise & money-wise a 5 year old would've done it at least on similiar level. Chris, just please, resign! You're clearly not cut for the job. You look like Marie-Antoinne. We hungry. We poor. We sick. You ingore us. We've had enough. I don't think anyone who respects themself will take VGC seriously next year. I won't even bother. Until worlds I probably won't even play the game. Maybe with my local pals, but only maybe.

I need a hug... You need a hug! ...We need a hug? 

  ... Hug? ... But no one was around.